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  1. OK thanks, I'll open a ticket (and yes you're right, the server runs fine 100% smooth, it is just to avoid twice the same logs)
  2. Hi I wonder if it is possible to disable the creation of the screenlog file, in order to lower the I/O of server. With g_logfile option in my previous servers, I've always only activated the serverlog, so the console.log was activated only in rare occasions (bug, tracing problems, etc ...) But it seems that the screenlog could be resource I/O consumer because it is like a console.log file ... So my question is: Is-it possible to deal with the parameters of my server-start command-line to disable this log : Thanks in advance "D3d! staff" xD
  3. Are you alone to have this bug, or other players on your server too ? PLease give the IP or the two IPs of your server, I will try the T xD
  4. Problem solved ... another change was I did remove my ethernet connection and swap to Wi-Fi ... so I have just configured son'PC and mine with static IPs ...and we can fight together on the server xD Sorry for the false problem, and thanks for your assistance [DIABOLIK]$mart
  5. OK I'm gonna spamm the www looool Good Job !
  6. Oh thanks, I just discover this file "screenlog.0". Is it re-created after each server stop/start ? Anyway, I will try to reproduce my problem tonight, and will watch this file, thanks.
  7. Not related to my 1st post, but acually in my server log: And it is the IP is a player that I see sometimes trying to connect, but never manage : http://et.splatterladder.com/?mod=playerinfo&idx=45027790 a Hungary player What does-it mean please ? V55
  8. Ooops OK you mean client console log ? Thanks, for sure I did not think about it Now must wait my son come back xD
  9. I don't think so, we have two separate installations on two different computers, but I'm going to verify it ASAP ! Thanks
  10. Hello, I encounter a problem on my server, but I don't know if it is related to my new version of silEnT 0.5.2 or the ET 3.0 : When my son connects to my server, it disconnects me. If I reconnect, he is disconnected. It has never appeared before, when I was in silEnT 0.5.0 and ET 2.55 PLUS. Any idea please ? Thanks in advance, My in-game name is [DIABOLIK]$mart, and server is BLACKOPS http://et.splatterla...info&idx=742803 V55
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