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  2. I think I'd love to know some phrases by george lucas , because I think he's been involved in many films in various ways and it would be good to know a bit about his knowledge, don't you think?
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  4. We will be rebooting machine tonight to install the updates. Appx 5 mins down time. We will try to do it during midnight so customers will not have any trouble.
  5. We will be scheduling upgrade for the machine on 26th of Aug 2019. Services would be unavailable for 1 hour max. We are migrating that machine towards bigger machine for better performance of gameservers. Also the machine is 3 years old so it's about time we upgrade that to new machine. TF2, CS:GO and Insurgency gaming servers loading time will reduce as we will be going with 1TB SSD's. Current IP's will remain as is and customers will have their files auto migrated on new machine.
  6. Hello, Yes we are active Forum is just general for us and sometimes we don't see or see late.
  7. Yep they are active, answered on private ticket.
  8. yeah me too. good prices and well known name, but do you guys still take orders?
  9. Hello, i used to host my Et server in the past here. Im wondering is this service still up and running? Thaanks
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