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  1. We have completed upgrade over the weekend with appx downtime of 30 mins which takes for most of the DNS changes.
  2. We had scheduled server maintenance for redirect machine. It's been completed now and all redirects should be up and running again.
  3. Hello, We would require server access to fix it. Please create support ticket and we will fix it up within 24 hrs. Please mention server IP in ticket on which you are facing the issue. Regards
  4. I don't think it supports that. Although NQ dev team can confirm it precisely.
  5. Can you please post your server config here minus the rcon / private password so we can have a look? Probably cvar is set 2 times or wrong cvar is set. We can help to fix your issue. NQ Mod doesn't have mod based key. So if player doesn't have ETKey they wouldn't be able to save XP. You might have enabled random spawn which is NQ feature. Is that what you are talking about? OR You are asking about spawn times. If you have ETkey and your XP goes off then your path could be wrong in server config. Feel free to post your config here and we can help you out. NQ isn't that buggy but you haven't configure it well. Let's get you going so your players can enjoy the server.
  6. Hello, All our ET servers come with dual master list patch. Kind Regards
  7. I believe that's not possible. On gametracker, Splatterladder, Trackbase, Xfire, etc everywhere all servers IP are listed with below format: Server IP : Port . Also we don't normally suggest to run on 27960 default port normally because all this DDoS people create a script to scan for default 27960 port. I also checked the IP assigned to you. Their is no server running on it with default port. If you notice any issue please create the support ticket and I will look into it. Regards
  8. Update: This change has been completed and all servers are auto restarted. Thank you.
  9. We are going to reboot one of our NJ machine. Downtime we will be approximate 2-5 minutes. All servers will be auto restated. Time: Wed 4.00 AM PST
  10. We are pleased to announce all our machines have remained fully operational throughout the storm and afterwards. If any of you face any issue please create ticket and we will look into it. Regards
  11. Hello, Yes, we can disable the screenlog for your server. We use RAID 1, so normally I/O is never an issue. Please put the separate ticket and I will disable screenlog for your server. Regards
  12. hi , not awaked yet ? :P

  13. We have started our referral system so that clients can earn money for the users they refer to our hosting. You can get our banners from dediserverhosting.com Affiliate section. You can earn up to 75% of the first billing cycle. So let's say if you refer customer to our website and if they purchase server of 40$/month then you can earn 30$ once that user pays his second month bill. Amount will be given in terms of credit to your account or if you have paypal we will transfer that amount to you.
  14. I believe some is trying to change their IP during connection or after it. Nothing to worry about afaik.
  15. No, I mean server console log. Check your screen logs in root folder.
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